Maribel Ortega

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"In January 2021, we launched a podcast called AudaciousNess. Our aim was to showcase individuals who have set themselves bold, audacious goals and have worked to achieve them, thereby highlighting the fact that audacious people are in fact all around us. We wanted to inspire others to act with the courage to follow their own audacious paths and create a positive impact in the world. Over the next two years, we interviewed 41 people about their audacious goals. This book contains a summary of what we learned from the utterly audacious people who shared their life stories with us, as well as offering tips and advice for anyone else wishing to step up and do the audacious work the world so desperately needs right now.Some of the stories tell of personal goals, some are professional and others involve social or environmental actions. Despite the huge range of circumstances conveyed to us in these stories, one common thread runs through them all - each person experienced a very strong desire to pursue whatever they were being called to do. We are sure you will enjoy reading their inspirational stories."


(No reviews yet) Write a Review